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The One I Want

A single dad/nanny, age gap romance

My name is Betsy Sullivan, and I’m a hot mess.

My parents have cut me off. No jobs interest me. I have no idea what I want for my future.

Then there’s my love life. Or lack thereof.

So I do what every twenty-something does when she’s lost—pack up my life and move to a small town in Tennessee.

I didn’t expect to find—and fall in love with—Wes Taylor.

I tried to resist. I swear.

Then I saw how much he loves his kids. And how hot his professional football player body looks like in a pair of gray sweatpants.

And once he kissed me? I was a goner.

For the first time in my life, I finally feel like my life has purpose.

I should have known that some things are too good to be true.

Because I’m Betsy Sullivan. The hot mess. The lost soul.

And I might be ready to spend my life with Wes Taylor.

I just don’t know if he’s ready to spend his life with me.

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The One I Need

An accidental marriage, opposites attract romance

You’re cordially invited to the wedding of Oliver Price and Izzy McCall…

That’s how my wedding invitations should have started.

I should know, I’ve had my wedding planned since I was ten.

I should’ve been wearing a designer tuxedo, not a tuxedo t-shirt. The wedding should’ve been in a church with family and friends, not in a 1960’s style chapel with Elvis as the officiant.

It’s nothing I ever imagined.

Except the girl. She’s the only thing about this accidental marriage that is exactly right.

I’m glass-half-full and crazy colored socks. She’s glass-half-empty and power suits.

I love love. She thinks it doesn’t exist.

I want to stay married. She wants a divorce.

A problem for all newlyweds, right?

From the moment I met Izzy, I knew she was the only one I’d ever need.

Now I just need to convince my wife that I’m the one for her.

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The One I Love

A best friends to lovers, secret relationship romance

I can’t remember a time when I haven’t loved my childhood best friend.

Amelia's big brown eyes and beautiful smile have had a hold on me since we were teenagers.

Hell, I even love her kids as if they were my own.

Now, she’s divorced, and after twenty years, it’s time to make my move.

The tension between us finally erupts and I kiss her.

Imagine my surprise when she doesn’t push me away but says she wants to give us a try.

Except she has one condition: We keep it a secret.

I’ll do anything for her, even this.

Except things get away from us and before I know it, the town thinks we're engaged. 

We’re not.

Now, we have to pretend to plan a wedding while our meddling town watches.

I’ve waited over twenty years for my chance. Will this cost me the one I love?

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The One I Hate

An enemies to lovers, accidental pregnancy romance

I hate Simon Banks.

I also hate tequila.

The first makes my blood boil with his devilish smirk and giant…ego.

The second makes me do questionable things.

Specifically, with Simon.

Fine. Whatever. It’s a blip on my radar. Even though I can’t stop thinking about memories of our night…or his hands…and that mouth.

But I have more important things to do—like finally opening my dream restaurant in the small town of Rolling Hills.

There’s just one problem—he lives here.

I’m bound and determined to not let that stop me.

He’s bound and committed to get under my skin.

And here’s another thing I hate—it’s working.

His smug smile. His clever jokes. The way my body heats when he’s around.

Our looks of longing and the sizzling tension between us.

Not to mention his bare, chiseled chest running past my restaurant every day.

He’s becoming too hard to resist.

I’m starting to realize there’s a thin line between love and hate.

Ours just happens to be two pink ones…

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