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Reformation is underway!

I had one goal over Christmas break, AKA when my workload was lighter and grad school wasn't consuming most waking hours, and that was to have 5,000 words written.

Mission accomplished.

"Reformation" is officially underway.

I mean, how is this happening? I'm still pinching myself daily that THE Corinne Michaels picked me to do this. I know I'm one of many, but still... it's humbling. And nerve wracking. And holy crap this is really happening!

My goal is 5K a week, which means I'll be burying myself in the writing cave for hours at a time and I'll need to be well stocked on Dunkin' Iced Tea.

What is "Reformation" about? Let me tell you...

"Reformation" will feature Garrett Dixon, the brother of Mark from Corinne's Salvation original series. He's a cocky doctor who thinks he has everything he could ever want -- money, success and fame within his industry. Who cares if his marriage is a sham? It's a small price to pay for the success it gives him.

Then there is Paige Blackstone. If you think of a stereotypical kindergarten teacher, Paige is it. She's sweet and kind, a kid whisperer and the type who puts herself last to be able to help anyone she can. She's one step away from being able to sing to animals. But just because she's a giver and a helper, don't take that as weak. You don't come from the past Paige has to not come out stronger for it.

Though Garrett and Paige couldn't be more different on the outside, they are both about to go on the same journey. One they will unexpectedly take together. One that will help them both reform the mistakes from their pasts. One that will show them who they are both truly meant to be.

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