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     Don’t get me wrong, I love a good nerd get together. For years, this kind of environment has been my safe space to let my inner geek flag fly.  

     But knowing that my night is going to end with me stripping Gavin’s robe off of him on the way to some super hot nerd sex? I need everyone to get the fuck out right now.  

     Like right now.  

     But they aren’t. Instead, there are groups of people talking about conspiracy theories, some talking about who would play who in American recasts and Brendan trying to pick up a Slytherin who looks like she would eat him alive.  

     “Does it feel like no one is ever going to leave?” Gavin’s soft words hit my ear as soon as he wraps his arms around my waist. “I can’t stop thinking about that kiss earlier.”  

     Well at least he’s thinking the same way I am.  

     “Can we just sneak away to your room? Eventually they’ll leave, right?”  

     Gavin chuckles, pulling me closer to him. “What kind of hosts would we be if we did that?”  

     "The horny kind.”  

     This time I don’t get a laugh. This time I get the feel of a turned-on Gavin against my ass.  

     Very turned on.  

     “Is that a wand in your pants or are you just happy to see me?”  

     He leans down, pressing a kiss against the most sensitive part of my neck, sending goosebumps through my body.  

     “How about this,” he says, his voice a deep octave I’ve never heard from him before. “You get everyone to leave and I’ll show you exactly how much this wand is begging to be used right now.”   

     “Alright! Everyone out!” I yell, startling everyone, except Gavin, who is doing all he can to hold in his laughter. “As the saying goes, you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. Come again next month when the topic of conversation will be Dumbledore: Great or Garbage. Safe travels all. Bye!”  

     I begin picking up purses and coats, holding them up to match with their owner. Yes, it might seem a little over the top. But when your hot as fuck boyfriend is telling you that the night is going exactly where you wanted it to go, over-the-top is necessary.  

     I still can’t believe this night played out the way it did. One second, I think I’m tagging along with a friend to a Harry Potter meet-up. Next, I’m staring at my boyfriend in Hufflepuff robes, wondering what on Earth is happening.  

     For a second when we stepped into his room, I thought we were going to break up. I mean, who could blame me for having those thoughts? We were both hiding key parts of ourselves from each other. They might have been for different reasons, but they were still secrets. We both weren’t completely honest with each other. Those are things that can make or break relationships, especially in the early stages.  

     Then again, I know why we both did it. We were scared. This is new and, at least for me, something totally different than I’ve had in the past. I didn’t want anything to screw it up.  

     Who knew what I thought would mess it up would only make it that much better? Gavin and I might be complete opposites on the outside, but on the inside, we are absolutely perfect for each other.  

     “Thank you all for coming,” Gavin says, ushering the last few out.  

     “This night turned out to be quite eventful,” Chrissy says, taking her coat from me. “I take it you will be spending the night here?”  

     Gavin puts his arm around me as I slip my arms around his waist. “I’d like her to.”  

     I’ve always been a fan of dirty talk in the bedroom. Something about a guy whispering filthy words in my ear just gets my motor going. Little did I know that Gavin’s sweet words, which only serve to ask me if I’m okay with what is about to happen, turn me on more than any bedroom talk ever could. 

     Consent is fucking sexy.  

     “I am,” I say, untangling myself from Gavin to give Chrissy a hug goodbye. “Text me when you get home, okay?”  

     “I will call you as to make sure that you know it is me,” Chrissy says in her matter-of-fact way. “If you do not answer due to extracurricular activities already underway, I will leave a detailed voice message.”  

     “Of course, you will.”  

     I make sure Chrissy is safely in the elevator before shutting the door. “Finally.”  

     The word isn’t even out of my mouth before Gavin has his hands on my waist, turning me so my back is against the door. I don’t even have a second to think before his lips crash against mine.  

     This takes me by surprise in the best possible way. Normally Gavin’s kisses are sweet. Yes, they are sexy in their own right, but they are careful. Guarded. Like he’s making sure he does everything exactly right.  

     But this kiss? This is like nothing we’ve ever shared before. This kiss is demanding. Heated. Nearly primal.  

     I think my Clark Kent has found his sexual Superman.  

     And I like it. A lot. 

     “Bedroom,” I moan.  

     “Too far.” Gavin’s words are muffled as he kisses his way down my body.  

     “Here?” I ask, though at this point I don’t care where we are as long as his mouth stays on me.  

     “Yes here. Want to know why?” 

     “Hmm?” I mumble. I’m impressed I got that out considering all I can focus on right now is Gavin’s lips on my hip bone as he takes off my leggings and thong. I’m even more impressed I was able to step out of them without falling over. I might be a professional dancer, but coordination is thrown out the window when the man you love’s face is about to be buried in your pussy.  

     Or at least I hope that’s where this is about to go.  

     “You are my every fantasy come to life. You are, without a doubt, my perfect woman. And if I have to wait one more second before I taste you, I’m going to explode.”  

     Fuck... Yes...  

     I don’t know if I say those words out loud or if they are just in my head, but I do know for sure that I scream to Jesus, Mary, Joseph and any other holy being listening the second Gavin’s tongue hits my center.  

     My hands hit the back of the door, trying but failing to hold me up as Gavin lifts one of my legs and sets it on his shoulder. I reach down and grab his shoulders, clinging for dear life as his tongue begins circling my pussy.  

     “Gavin...” I moan as my hips start moving in unison with his mouth. His only response is adding two fingers inside me, the penetration enough to nearly make me fall over.  

     I can’t help but look down at him, his face barely visible as he continues to work his magic on me. And I don’t know if it’s what he’s doing — who knew my shy boy could eat pussy like a champ — or the fact that we're doing this while still wearing our robes, but it’s enough to send me over the edge.  

     “Ahh!” I yell reaching and grabbing for anything I can touch as Gavin works me through my orgasm. As I slowly start coming down from the high, I feel myself sliding against the door. I can’t help it. My legs are mush, my insides are on fire, and I don’t remember what day of the week it is.  

     Gavin Fisher’s tongue broke me.  

     “You okay?” Gavin asks, bringing me into his arms so I land on his lap instead of the hardwood of his apartment.  

     “Mmm-hmm,” I say, nuzzling into his chest as he wraps his arms around me.  

     “Can I get you anything?”  


     “Did someone forget how to speak?”  


     Gavin laughs, holding me a little tighter as he places a kiss on my head. “Since you aren’t talking, can I say something?”  

     I nod into his chest, still trying to get my wits about me.  

     “I know I said it earlier, but I want you to know it wasn’t in the heat of the moment,” he begins, stroking my hair away from my face. “I love you Presley Dawson. I love you more than I ever thought a person could love someone. Seeing you again after all these years was the best thing that ever happened to me. And even though I was scared to give this a try, and even more scared to open up to you, please know that from this moment forward, I’ll be brave. I’ll climb any tree you want me to, as long as you are next to me. Because the only thing scarier is not having you in my life.” 

     “That was...” I trail off because I can’t find my words. Only this time for a completely different reason. “I love you, Gavin. I love you so much.”  

     He lowers his head and our lips connect, our kiss much slower than earlier. And while it’s nice, I want more.  

     I want everything.  

     “Come on,” I say, ending our kiss and climbing off his lap.  

     “Where are we going?”  

     “We’re going to your bedroom. We’re going to keep these robes on. And it’s going to be my turn to make you forget how to speak.”  

     We laugh as we stumble up from the ground, a mess of legs and hands as we try to not only get our bearings, but while also trying to kiss and touch each other as much as possible.  

     For so many years, I searched for Mr. Right. After a while, I thought it was a lost cause. Who could blame me? After failed date after failed date, I started to think that maybe the problem was me.  

     It wasn’t. It wasn’t at all.  

     I just hadn’t found Gavin.  

     My first crush.  

     The boy next door.  

     My forever.  


Thank you for reading Gavin and Presley’s story. They might have only had a short story, but this has been one of my favorite couples to write. 

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