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     “Are you two ready?”

     I can’t help but bounce up and down at Lucy’s question. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning who is waiting to open his eyes to see what Santa brought.

     Only back then I wasn’t blindfolded.

     I reach for Brenna’s hand, which she thankfully gives to me, and I give it a squeeze. The anticipation is killing me. And though I can’t see him, I know Bryce is doing the same thing. Hell, he’s probably tugging on Lucy’s sleeve begging her to just show him what we’ve been waiting so long for.

     Today is the day. And even though we’ve seen bits and pieces of the progress, we haven’t seen the fully finished version of our new homes.

     Not until right now.

     “For the love of God Lulu, let’s go!” Bryce says. Yup, I’m right. I can hear the excitement in his voice.

     “Why are you guys so anxious?” Brenna says. “You’re both acting like you’ve been waiting for this for twenty years or something.”

     I give her a tug so she’s now pressed against my body. “Trouble, I love you, but if you don’t take this blindfold off of me in three seconds I’m going to tie you up with it later.”

     “Don’t tempt me with a good time Campbell.”

     “Enough!” Bryce yells. “What happened to the oath of sex stuff around each other?”

     “Oh, chill out brother,” Brenna says. “Just having a little fun.”

     “You know what would be fun? Seeing our houses!”

     I hear Brenna and Lucy laugh as Brenna gives me a little pull to walk with her. I’m trying to picture where we are, but it’s been a few weeks since we’ve been on the property. The girls wanted to make the reveal a surprise for us, so they’ve taken over coming here and dealing with the construction in the final stages. The last time I saw it, the landscaping wasn’t planted and there were still big parts of the exterior not done. Hell, even on the inside there were so many little things not done, seeing it today will be like seeing it for the first time.

     I can’t wait.

     Brenna pulls me to the right, which gives me a sense of where we are. We decided to have a shared driveway, because why wouldn’t we. Our house veers to the right while Bryce and Lucy’s goes to the left. There’s still plenty of driveway to get to our houses, but it gave enough room on the property for us to build a practice football field in the land between.

     Yes, we put in a practice football field. The girls didn’t even try to fight that one.

     “Are you ready?” Brenna asks.

     I take a breath, suddenly nervous. Hell, I wasn’t even this nervous on our wedding day. “I’m ready.”

     “Alright!” Lucy yells. “Blindfolds off in three…two…one!”

     I rip it off and as soon as I do, I feel the tears welling in my eyes.

     It’s perfect.

     The light brown brick is exactly what Brenna and I wanted. The large window above the door I know is letting in every bit of Tennessee sunshine into our foyer. The three-car garage is over to our left, and behind it, in all its glory, is the football field.

     I turn to my left and though he’s a hundred yards away, I can see Bryce, taking in every detail just like I am. After a second he looks over his shoulder and we make eye contact. Neither of us say a word yet say everything in that instance.

     Our dreams have finally come true.

     “You ready to see our new home?” Brenna asks.

     I look down at my wife and pick her up fireman style.

     “What is this?” she asks.

     “I’m carrying you over the threshold.” I say, making our way to the front door.

     “You already did that when we got married.”

     I open the door. “I know. It just feels right.”

     Brenna smiles and leans in for a quick kiss. “Well then, by all means, let’s go see our house.”

Thank you so much for reading Cole and Brenna! While this is the conclusion of this version of the Nashville Fury, we're not *quite* done with this team yet. Remember Wes? The veteran tight end who was there for Cole? Well, his world is about to get turned upside down when he's all of a sudden a single dad. It will get rocked even more when he meets the nanny. Read The One I Want! Free with Kindle Unlimited. 

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